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Nice work i did notice a bug where pushing crates that can't be pushed would still deplete points still looks very neat

Beautiful for a game jam

Would love to see this game developed further!

Great game, would love to see more levels! The concept was great and the game got progressively more difficult throughout the levels. I did find a glitch in the last level, i was able to move outside the level on top of the red boxes. Other than than the game ran smoothly and it was a very enjoyable experience :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


Thank you for playing my game, I am aware of the glitch in the game and it will get fixed when the jam ends.

About the gdwc I took a look and maybe I might submit one of my games. Thank you for showing that up

there was a glitch in the last level where the game over screen just kept popping up, had to restart and play the whole thing again. Luckily the game is enjoyable enough to play it more than once ;)

Thank you for the feedback, sadly I had less than 48h to make the game so bugs are expected, I will probably fix all the bugs when the jam ends.

 You can bypass blocks by hitting W and J (or any angle) at the same time

Thank You for the Feedback, the game was made in a short time so bugs will appear, also I had in mind that the players wouldn't press the keys that fast because it is a Puzzle game.


I though it would be the classic kind of pushing boxes game, I really liked the limitations and the puzzles in the game

Happy you liked it


I wanna see more levels

Maybe after the jam ends


Beautiful Game Man

thank you


This are the kind of games I can never say "NO"

happy to hear that

Amaizing Puzzles !

for a game made in less than 48h they are okay


Its beautuful when you think that the game was made in 48h. Well done.

Yes, I really enjoyed this game jam.

It's really fun but you can glitch through diagonals by pressing both buttons, and push boxes into another by pressing multiple inputs.

Thank you for the feedback, that's all what I could do for 48h sadly, this is what game jams are for after all. To see how far you can make it.   I hope you enjoyed the game.

Is the game supposed to be played that fast ?

The design is amaizing

Thank You !

One of the best games in this jam !

Maybe XD


good job, this game is amaizing and so much fun, for thoose who mess up with the puzzles you can always press "r" to restart the level. i'm enjoying this game a lot !

I'm so happy you like it

Puzzles are so hard and so much fun, hope this goes well in the jam

glad you are enjoying it !

This was fun. Good job! 

I  appreciate it so much. Thank You !

You can move each box once, nothing could fit better the gmtk jam theme

yes, i really liked gmtk theme this year

some real puzzles there. deffinetly five stars

thank you. really appreciate it !

Awesome game!! really cool concept. I hope this will end up high on the rating list!

thanks Dude !


Beautiful game

glad you like it!


I wanna see this in the top 10

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Great idea. It fits the theme perfectly and it looks and feels amazing.


happy you like i


This really fits the jam, should see this in the top jam games


I really hope it will, thank you for playing


Amazing COncept!


Thank you